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Emerging Designer’s Empowering New Fashion

I love Emerging Designers! I love to see new designs and I love when designers are daring enough to reach outside the box. It’s not so much about “Game Changers” for me, it’s “Mood Changers”; Fashion has the power to make people feel. And that is exactly what Kenya Freeman’s, Sylvia Mollie designs do…Elevate the […]

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BIG Day Preparation: Love’s In the Air

Every bride and groom desire to shed a few pounds leading up to their BIG day. With this comes lots of anxiety and stress to look your best. Here are a few nutritional and exercise strategies that are sure to promise you results. However, no matter what the nutritional plan is, CONSISTENCY is crucial to […]

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Founded in 2015 on the Word of God paraphrased from John 12:32, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me." ELEV8 Magazine exists to Engage, Uplift, and Elevate Jesus Christ throughout our day-to-day living experiences. #LiveELEV8'D

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